Download guide: How to Find a Therapist for Emetophobia
By Lori Riddle-Walker, EdD, MFT

David Veale MD

Anna Christie and David Russ, PhD

Book on Amazon, Paperback April 2023:
Emetophobia: Understanding and Treating Fear of Vomiting in Children and Adults
(includes foreword by Dr. David Veale)

A fear of vomiting is estimated to impact 119 million adults, teenagers, and children in the English-speaking world. This much-needed guide to the diagnosis and treatment of emetophobia includes an overview of current literature and research, in addition to illuminating case studies of different presentations.

It contains guidance on how to employ evidence-based treatments, specifically CBT and exposure and response prevention (ERP), as well as other approaches to treatment, such as ACT for all ages.

The arsenal of research and experience, both professional and personal, provided by Clinical Psychologist Dr David Russ and Registered Clinical Counsellor Anna S. Christie makes this book a must-have for mental health professionals treating emetophobia.

International Emetophobia Society

Phobias at the Movies
A no-spoiler movie site that gives users the information they need to watch movies without fear. Screened for snakes, spiders, clowns, blood, dentists, puppets, dolls, vomit and needles. Users are given the when, how graphic, and duration of each scene to allow the user to watch without panic.

“My wife has emetophobia. Any time we wanted to watch a movie we were constantly asking friends or checking blogs to see if vomit occurred before starting anything. So we researched phobias and found there were others like us that just wanted to be able to relax and watch a movie. We felt that there were a lot of people that could benefit from a site like this. So we sifted through the phobias and chose the ones that we felt were the most relevant and just like that Phobias at the Movies was born.”

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